August 14, 2016

The Ex-Con Factor: You Did Your Time, Now What?

Now live on Amazon for Pre-Order! The Ex-Con Factor: You Did Your Time, Now What? Journey from D.O.C. to C.E.O. By Tonia Quarterman

Available  in e-book and paperback.

The Ex-Con Factor You Did Your Time Now What? Journey from D.O.C. to C.E.O.

Is a common sense map about the transition and mindsets of ex-offenders.  Deals with choices made before and after doing time from juvenile detention, jail, prison, and work release to returning back to society. Details the Authors experiences and observations living a fast paced life which included dealing drugs, generations of domestic violence, her survival story and mindset shifts along the way. Coming to end of sentence and not knowing how to survive and be successful on the other side of the gates bring ex-offenders back through the doors of recidivism with no end in sight. Difficulty finding jobs make it easy if not necessary for ex-offenders to go back to what they know, which is illegal activity. Threatened with probation or parole violations some people don t see any other way out. This book stresses that yes, there s an ex-con factor, but there are no excuses. Re-entry to society without a real plan can prove to be detrimental to someone’s freedom. This book proves it is possible to define and or redefine your own success and remain a free, productive and successful member of society. Prison doesn t rehabilitate you. You rehabilitate you. The choices you make can either be constructive or destructive anything else is an excuse. The author understands the judgement and difficulties associated with the stigma of being an ex-felon. However, where there’s a will there’s a way for jobs, housing, entrepreneurship, marriage, finances, home ownership, excellent credit and more…even for an ex-felon.


February 15, 2016

“Yes” People

Untitled designSome people are quite comfortable with the “yes” people in their lives. They agree with everything you do and egg you on in your foolishness whether it be negative or not in your best interest. When you’re really ready for change you will start looking for ways to get these people out of your ear and make strides to surround yourself with people who are not impressed with the stories you are telling yourself about why you’re still in the same place.