Who is Tonia Quarterman?

Tonia Quarterman is an Entrepreneur, Best Selling, International, Author, Mentor and Reentry Strategist. She possesses a wide range of personal and professional experience with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with concentrations in Accounting and Economics

Before all this, Tonia was someone who didn’t always make good decisions in life. She wasn’t one that followed the script. Drugs, money and the fast lane always excited her. She’s survived generations of domestic violence, juvenile detention, jail and prison.

Tonia has re-built her life in an impressive way. Her book The Ex-Con Factor: You Did Your Time, Now What? Journey from D.O.C. to C.E.O. is a common sense re-entry map. In addition to all these things, she is a wife, mother, real estate investor, sought after advisor and a valued member of her community.